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Established in 1960, Phoenix is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor reusable insulating boots for the electrical industry as well as the insulating of bus bars and connectors with various types of electrical insulation materials.


Phoenix reusable insulating boots are manufactured from high dielectric strength plastisols which also have excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. These proprietary formulations are flame retardant, UV stabilized, lead free and UL tested & certified. Our boots can be designed and manufactured for service voltages up to 38 Kv.

Phoenix has thousands of existing moulds for standard and custom form fitting boots for encapsulating bus bars and terminations in all types of switchgear and utility applications.

If you are in need of a custom solution, Phoenix provides a rapid initial design service for custom boot designs and can provide samples for new applications, most times within a few days.


Many of the leading switchgear manufacturers rely on Phoenix for their insulating boot requirements. We offer an in-house electrical engineering and tool design team that will provide the solution to your problems quickly and cost effectively.

Phoenix reusable insulating boots are quick to install and remove compared to tape and heat shrink alternatives, saving costs related to labour and material waste as tape and heat shrink cannot be reused once removed.

Our engineers have designed reusable insulating boot solutions for a wide range of applications including switchgear, motor control, transformers, bus ducts and connectors.


Severe animal, bird and debris related outages have long plagued electrical utilities and these types of interruptions are occurring more frequently year over year. Phoenix manufactures a comprehensive range of reusable insulating boots that are UV stabilised and have excellent weathering properties to cover any conceivable type of termination or connection.

Phoenix outdoor boots are used throughout the world to protect outdoor electrical equipment against animal and debris related system failure. Investigations have shown that electrical utilities and contractors who have invested in animal mitigation by encapsulating vulnerable areas of their systems are benefiting greatly due to the reduced number of outages caused by animals and debris.


Phoenix specialises in the ‘fluidised bed’ process to fully or partially insulate bus bars and connectors in high grade epoxy, plastisol and vinyl coatings. Phoenix produces plastisol sleeving for ‘slide-on’ and ‘wrap-around’ applications for which the bus cannot be sent into our facility for coating.

We also have the unique ability to plastisol coat flexible braided conductors which are widely used in modern day light rail systems.

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Phoenix Manufacturing is an MDI company