Welcome to Phoenix Manufacturing Ltd.

For some decades now, the electrical generation, control and transmission sectors have embraced the continued installation of electrical insulating products on their medium voltage equipment and systems.  In addition to improving the obvious safety and ratings of switchgear in general, the installation of boots and insulation on outdoor equipment and transmission systems has dramatically reduced the frequency of animal, bird and debris related outages. The resulting increased system reliability and outage / damage cost savings are not insignificant.

For over 40 years, Phoenix Manufacturing has specialised in the design and manufacture of dip moulded reusable electrical insulating boots and components for the global switchgear and electrical utility industries. Suitable for applications with service voltages up to 38kV, we offer thousands of existing designs for the typically encountered devices and connections on both indoor and outdoor switchgear and transmission equipment.  Typical indoor applications include bus boots for switchgear, e-houses, motor controls, transformers, bus ducts and connectors.  Typical outdoor applications include animal mitigation covers / wildlife protection covers for power generation, transmission and distribution systems.  We also offer in-house design and tooling capability for any custom requirements.

In addition, we offer insulation options for electrical bus-bars, connectors and components, with particular emphasis on the fluidized bed application of electrical grade epoxy and vinyl.

Our proprietary plastisol formulations are UL tested and certified, and although the grey is typically considered for outdoor applications and the red for indoor, both are UV stabilized and suitable for either application.

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding the design, production, quality, pricing and delivery of their requirements.

Phoenix Manufacturing is an MDI company